Iron-On Embroidered Patch
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Custom embroidered BWA Patch Emblem w/ heat seal backing. 

Very easy to install.  Simply iron on or use a heat press.  If you never put a patch on a garment, see instructions below.

1)  Preheat machine to 350F (175C) for embroidered emblem. Set pressure to 5 kgs or maximum pressure. (Close the empty press and let it dwell at least 90 seconds if your press only provide heat in the top platen. A cold bottom platen will draw heat form the top platen, lowering the overall temperature of the machine and affecting the adhesiveness.)

2)  Preheat the desired location of the object for 5 to10 seconds.

3) Place the emblem on the desired location. (Option: cover it with  a lightweight cloth.)

4) Then, use heat press machine to iron with firm pressure for 20 ~ 30 seconds.

5) Preferably, heat from both topside and underside of garment. 6) When the item is cool, check for adhesive strike through. If observed, reduce heat or time; and check again on a new emblem and garment location.

Note: Fabrics vary. Therefore, you need to perform a preliminary test first. Emblems are only to be applied to fabrics that can withstand 300F to 350F. Materials like satin, nylon, or waterproof fabric might not be suitable for heat seal backing.